The Wondrous Times of Amy From Mars

The Wondrous Times of Amy From Mars

the multiverse, and the things that happen there


The door swung open swiftly with a forceful suck of air.  "Mr. Fick... Tanis, ...and Mahmud," George said eagerly as he reached for their hands, "this is surely an honor," he said shaking Tanis' and then Mahmud's hand while gripping their  wrist at the same time; the sign of universal friendship and brotherhood.  "Come in, please, come in," he said cheerfully, herding the two into the room, and kicking the door closed behind them as they entered.  "I'm George;" everything was happening in a ball of fast confusion, "welcome gentlemen."  He motioned the two visitors to the seating area across the room.  "And this is my associate Charlie." Charlie stood behind the desk with his arm outstretched in greeting, wearing a broad smile.  Tanis approached the man, grabbed his hand, and then noticed his companion Mahmud on his knees with his head bowed, and arms outstretched in front of him.  He was bending deep at the waist repeatedly touching the ground and mumbling incoherently.  Tanis' eyes betrayed his distress; George kept things rolling.

"Oh, your friends' fine Mr. Fick," George said with a reassuring tone and a slight pat on the back.  "You see, Mahmud there is present in a far off tent somewhere with Allah and Mohammed, while your present here in this office with Charlie and me," he said matter of factiously.  "It's all quite simple really; It's what one's mind expects to see that they really see, or experience is perhaps a better word.  But enough of that for now, I'm sure your more concerned about what the hell is going on; what's happening, and why are you here, right?" he asked rhetorically.  Tanis half stared, half nodded, and said nothing.  Continuing, George said, "As for the reasons why your here, well that will become clear to both of you simultaneously, in a manner you can understand on a familiar level, and it concerns in part a message we have for the both of you, and perhaps to ask a favor as well." He breathed, "But lets take it one step at a time."

George noticed for the first time the disk in Tanis', and glanced aside to Charlie, who raised a curious eyebrow.  "I see you brought the disk, good... good.  Have a seat," he added innocently.

Tanis became aware that he was still standing, and edged his way over to an awaiting chair; Mahmud was still lost to him.   For the first time since entering the odd light in the odd chamber he was beginning to regain some part of himself, and he slowly started to resolve something of his current situation, as unbelievable as it was.  He was obviously dead.  The all consuming bright light had all but consumed everything but the last few moments, and soon as he was done his present thought there would no longer be any Tanis Fick.  This he was certain of.  But first he must have to sit through this; this what?  Was this his final judgment, the Grand Reckoning?  He didn't see any big books, or accounts anywhere; but of course not.  They probably got some electronic system that spits out a tally, or just a thumbs up or down.  But then why this strange office, and what was the elevator all about, and The receptionist, and he saw gaggles of angels, but no clouds, and where was all the harp music, or was that after one crossed over, and what did one have to cross over anyway?  Was this office, or interview the big crossover point?  Was St. Peter, or some other saint going to show up with a big set of keys, or maybe some guy dressed in red; burning for eternity, that didn't sound very good.  And what about these two guys?  A favor?  So he was dead; just great...

Tanis sat and as a reflex he muttered, "Am... Am... I... Where..." was all he could manage.
"Dead?  Nooo... No No No my friend," said George with a chuckle.
"Your fine.  Your fine, and so is your good friend there.  Relax, we know this is out of the ordinary for you, but it will all begin to make sense real soon," George started.  "Bottom line is we need your help Mr. Fick.  The absolute truth is that our destinies - mine," he indicated each of them as he spoke, "yours, Charlie's, Mahmud's, and quite literally, the Earth, destinies have become forever linked; joined, interwoven.  We need you to help us help you in ways that - even though you don't understand them yet - we need you to help us in ways that only you can," he paused for a moment.  "We have a lot of work to do Tanis old boy, a lot of work.  Please, let me and Charlie explain.  Charlie?"