The Wondrous Times of Amy From Mars

The Wondrous Times of Amy From Mars

the multiverse, and the things that happen there


There was a massive warping of time and space.  Time, space, matter, and biology and anatomy - his biology, and his anatomy - were a great mix; intermingling at the molecular, and atomic levels.  There was a massive warping of all that was Tanis, and of whatever constituted this strange whispering wall.  Streams of obsidian bled ocher where swam no name particles visable by the electron wakes they left as they sang in the pitch.  Time hung spidery in webs, and washed blacks and spots of light.  Streams of red swarmed about all horizons; a dance of cell, of red and white blood cells, long striated tissue cells, the skin represented in porous sheets, and long strands of compartmentalized hair structures, and more to the merry palette staining his view.  Bullet proof atomic structures married bone and marrow constructors.  Red speckled white grains, and powder, and dust, and yellow globules, played toss and catch, and hide and seek with better organized metal compound components, and the great force of gravity particles.  Oh what splendor; a cavalcade, a great circus, a waltz, a trot, a glorious spectikal all this display of the most elemental.  No pain, thought Tanis.  Exhilaration the only possible emotion.  And he was still Tanis and still thinking, and that at least was of some consolation and comfort, but again, no pain; more adventure, more a carnival than anything else.

In the physical world Tanis had fallen through the dark wall in a fraction of a second, but perspective is everything, and relativity is king.  From where Tanis experiences collided with reality, he had been completely conscious, cognitive, and aware of every molecule of his person as it was meticulously mapped, deconstructed, sorted, packaged, transported - translated - and then unpacked, and painstakingly reconstructed by some unknown force, and all this time he was still Tanis, and still the conscious observer. Beautiful the moment.

This process took a considerable amount of time - centuries perhaps - but he new also that it had been instantaneous on some level, and from someone perspective.  What masters could devise such a device, and such a process.  And as suddenly as the visions of blood and cells, and atoms and molecules had appeared, they were sucked from his view in a slow dissolve, and he was aware now that he was falling out of the great mysterious wall, and back into the world.  And so he arrived, and for the longest and most brief time he hung in mid air...