The Wondrous Times of Amy From Mars

The Wondrous Times of Amy From Mars

the multiverse, and the things that happen there


She claimed no particular heritage; not cool.  She claimed no particular heritage to, inheritance from, no loyalty of body or soul to any one people, planet, or cause save that which might serve her immediate needs; the immediate needs of herself and her horde.

She claimed no parentage.  She claimed no parentage of a man and women, no binding familiar ties to any one clan, country, or religious creed save that which might save the precious lives of herself and the lives of her horde, and with deference to the former than the latter.

For all of her denials, and promotional garnishment aside, her father Kevin Halloran did in fact exist, and was quite the celebrity in his own right in the academic and research communities of his contemporaries.  At a relatively young age he had created the first bio-intelli chip - the Atman VSD320 - and after the insanity subsided, and the authorities finally tracked him down, he extradited back to Earth, and summarily executed for crimes against humanity.

Her great-grandfather was the infamous Jack Halloran - ace pilot, and all around boulevardier.  He is most remembered as the guy who dropped the first thermonuclear device on the legendary Iraqi people near what today is the Great Fahd Forest, just north of the Lake of Glass.

More recently her grandfather, Sir William Jefferson Halloran, late of Sagan's Dip, Mars, where he served as the last Terran born Governor of a Martian city-state until he was ceremoniously escorted out of the city's air-lock without the great comfort of a pressure suit; this was particularly unpleasant as the atmosphere back then was still only about 50% carbon monoxide, and the surface atmospheric pressure was little more than that of the void between planets.

Her mother was a whore, and a politician - the difference between the two escapes me - also late of Mars and transplanted to the then Free Southern Australian Alliance region of the Easy Earth Union.  On her journey from Mars to Earth she lay over in an extended quarantine at the Shadow Ridge Observatory facility on the Dark Side of the Moon's Winter Nodes.  There on Tuesday the 22nd of January she gave birth to baby girl, and named her Gwendolyn, after her grandmother.